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Artwork Specification      - for graphic-help
-- Send us Big files thru this Link       Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Publisher OK
Summary......  Please read 1st -- more details below
     Image Types - we print from are PSD, AI, EPS,  JPEG, PDF, PUB and TIF,
     Image Quality - The better the image sent the better your results- vectors that scale to size are best but full size non- vectors are OK id they have sufficient resolution at actual size 
     Getting us image - Best way to get us an image is via E-mail we have gotten 25 megs ok.
     Proof - For non exacting jobs we will send a PDF proof to you for approval.   If you need a actual proof or sample to approve we will usually charge a nominal fee and send with freight billed to your account(this applies to ink jet printed jobs.)   On Larger jobs using offset printing there is at least a $400 per sample charge since we have to print and stop presses.
     Example for us to work from -Send along simple PDF or JPEG as a proof especially if sending layered AI type file.  we have found to many instances of the file not representing the full layout with all the text and images you want.......We are not responsible for finished product unless we have both.
     Our Process - Understand that our process involves 4 steps.  And if not critical for project keep exact color matches, graduations, and very light thin lines to a minimum
     Exacting Jobs - see below for double checking, proofs, extra costs, approvals etc
Exacting Jobs --
  • Simple jobs are print and ship but for many jobs involving exact color matches, graduations, and very light thin lines we need to take extra steps for our 4 step process to convert your image into one you approve.
  • We need a good hard copy in our hands to work our magic with.  Call for address to send it to.
  • Understand that exact printing in dye sub is an art that requires time and will be costed to your job at $75 per hour (with your approval).   We often get it right right away without any additional work so when our output looks like your hard copy we send a proof for you to OK.    Its at this point the extra costs may accrue if you need it CLOSER.  We will get your ok 1st.
  • We are not responsible for our output till you approve it - if you tell us to make product without approving samples due to time constraints its yours..
  • Color Matching:  If you have a critical color to match realize our process is multistep and not magazine quality, however if you give us  either a print out that matches your criteria or a Pantine color we can adjust our process some.   Due to the process constraints we can not print directly from an application such as Autocad or Illustrator we have to export to a TIF file so we can color correct for sublimation process.
  • Gradual graduations in color over big areas cause noticeable steps which we can solve but at extra cost and time.  We can get micro step rasterization done for an extra charge
  • You need to approve samples -  There is a nominal charge and you pay shipping

In short we suggest that for exacting jobs you send us a quality hard copy (call for address of dye-sub shop)- we will try to match with our standard techniques and time constraints.   We will send you a sample (give us UPS or Fedex number).  If this fits the bill we are a go.  If not we can go to the $75/ hour perfection matching.  

PhotoShop -- If you are working in PhotoShop and have room to save on a disk, please leave in PSD format if layers may need to be manipulated separately. If this is not possible, save each layer as a separate file.  No manipulation is necessary if the file is saved as a TIF or a JPEG.

Resolution in General -- We find that with sublimation printing that the final size should not be less than 250 dpi. If you sending a file that you will want enlarged please start with a file of high enough resolution to start with. I know that this is not always possible, especially if you want a mural size piece...but the better the image is to start with, the better the final image. I have a flat bed scanner here so I can scan photos at a high resolution. You should consider sending a good quality photo rather than a low resolution digital image.

Autocad Drawings - If you have not started drawing please use Illustrator or Publisher rather than AutoCad.  If artwork is already done in AutoCad Do Not send DWG files- we cannot use them!.  If you must sent from AutoCad you need to flatten it, explode it,  then export as as a dxf.    We have found that there are sometimes translation problems so please also sent an adobe .pdf that you have checked for details.      We also might be able to work with a pdf that will print at full size without pixelating if you can convert to pdf.

General File Format -- To get the best result in from a Sublimated piece send us good art. The following description is for your graphic artist or the company that created your logo, brochures, or letterhead and business cards.  We work on a PC so any disks or CDís that are sent need to be formatted for a PC & not a MAC. We work with PhotoShop 8.0 and Illustrator CS.      DO NOT Send ......

  • 72 dpi images!
  • images on textured paper, silk screened, or magazine print.
  • Camera ready art that has been printed on a laser printer.

Illustrator --  Illustrator is (.ai) is our preferred format and any version is OK.    Also, if saving an Illustrator file that uses fonts, please create outlines of texts before saving; so the text will read as graphics, not text, and can be read without translation.     Also if you do not save text as images we will not be able to open it since we won't have the font!

Zip Files - do not Zip or compress it usually cause problems.  We have very fast lines and big mailboxes so sent as is.   upload big files at OUR files direct site.

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