Master Index of all Visual Communication - Dry-Erase Marker Board Whiteboard Surfaces.
 Custom High Resolution Graphics from PC files.  Quantities from 1 to 100,000.

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Affordable permanent full color erasable whiteboards for...
promotional items, scheduling boards, hospitals, planning, communication, floor-plans, sports, medicine, maps, training, blueprints,  Point-Of-Purchase ..etc

Feature Overview: 
Custom Graphic Dry-Erase Whiteboards & Marker boards - your imagination is the limit
Custom Sizes, Custom Shapes, Custom Graphics, Custom Substrates
Magnetic and non-magnetic versions
Excellent Erase ability -no ghosting -easy cleaning
Graphics in high definition Color!
Complicated Graphics up to 740DPI
Affordable single and small quantity pricing
Graphics up to 48" x 96"  
Your Computer Artwork is Faithfully Reproduced
Very low or no setup cost if supplied Graphics are suitable

Nice four page Summary Brochure at CGW

 Dealers, OEM's - please Call (prices on web are Retail)

Over 12,000 images Dye-sub Printed in 2007

Index ..........
Aluminum Frameless Dry Erase Die cut to your  Shape in full color with dry erase our CGWA
Artwork Specification  
Bulk Crating  see how we package   
Cleaning and redoing damaged Dry Ersase
Customers  Resellers of our product
Custom Boards Specific Customers
for reorder
Customers that have boards
Dye Sublimation What is it

      Framing and Hanging  
      DTI High Tech Frame for Steel
      MarkaSteel-MG Plastic Frame

Getting Samples  How To Get them
Hardboard Med Size Printed  1-page w/ prices 

Hospital and Patient Communication Boards  
Industries  that use our products  
Maps we can print any type of map for you
      We also have State maps that can be customized
MarkaRace (Quality Dry-Erase Surface but not Printable) 
MarkaSteel-MG The Ceramic steel Alternative

MarkaSub Material Options......
        FRP Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic
        FRP-KSatin with Low Gloss Finish
        Hardboard 1/8" 
        MarkaSubSteel-MG  Magnetic & the price leader
        MDF Medium Density Fiberboard

Photos - Actual photos of boards we have made
Plagues - great looking dye sub various shapes and sizes
         All Pricing    Promo Price Index
         Hardboard all Sizes 1-100 
         Magnetic Framed 1-20 pieces all sizes 
         Magnetic Plastic Framed 50+
mixed sizes to 3'x4'
         See Tablets for smaller ones
Print Quality  Fine points of large board printing
Promotional items

Standard Sizes  what can we get you quickly
Standards (ceramic steel) with Graphics

Tablets Dry-Erase
Variable Data Printing of different numbers or letters on each unit
4-page Brochures that explain each area MarkaWall   Resurfacing    Surfaces     Custom-Graphic-Whiteboards     Hospital Boards

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Indoff Inc. is a distributor based in St. Louis that does over $150,000,000 in sales in office products, office furniture, material handling and promotional products.  Indoff's Ct branch specializes in Whiteboard (dry-erase) substrates, finished boards, complete wall systems, custom graphic marker boards, Electronic PC Copyboards and all related products.  

All our products ship directly from the our  manufacturers located in various parts of the country. 

We sell to end users, Schools, Government and  wide range of resellers and OEMS.  
Please call for large order pricing and dealer and OEM discounts. 

We pride ourselves as being experts and want to help you get the best product from our wide range of manufacturers

To see everything we sell go to my main website at

Contact Information

We are in CT but nothing ships from here but samples.  We do most of our business on the west coast so call us.  We answer the phone at all hours so call at 6 PM from the west coast, you will probably get a live salesperson.  

Telephone (860)632-2026            
FAX (860)-632-2028
Postal address 140 West Wynd Terrace Middletown, CT 06457
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