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Yes!!! we have sample that represent out graphic boards.

Before we send them out however we'd like to talk to you to get an idea of what product will fit your budget, the scope of your project etc.  

Make sure you get us all your info such as......

Company,  address, ways to reach you (phone, fax, e-mail), your company's website.

We ask that you supply us with your FedEx or UPS number so we can send the samples and the freight bills to your account.  You also need to specify if you want to pay for Next Day, 2 day, 3 day or standard ground delivery.   The samples cost us and are expensive but we do not charge for them, however to weed out (except in special cases) the window shoppers we ask you to pay the shipping.

Samples Available with Availability   6/06

Printed MarkaSub on 1/8" HB
also have some on FRP
7.7 x 9  w/ round corners
CGWA  call us  
have full size sample board

Custom Printed for Patient's Rooms

MarkaRace FRP Always have  
MarkaRace HB 1/8" Always have  
MarkaRace HB 1/8" Satin Low Gloss None  
MarkaRace Phenolic Always have  
MarkaRace Steel    
We Also have Samples in CT of MarkaWall, P3, Tac-a-Cork, Forbo Cork etc.