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Microsoft Publisher as program for Graphics

Either version 2000 or 2003 OK
If you have Microsoft Publisher (part of Office Professional package)
 ---Note-Publisher only allows us to output 300 DPI on sizes below 24" x 24"  therefore on 24x36 and larger we have to convert to Illustrator and there will be both conversion hassle and costs

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You can download a template here for a various standard larger formats....
lay it out till your hart is content them email me file--- we will print it as it is on the page for no setup charge

you control the look we just put it on a great dry erase board. me for custom format size for you to work with !!!!!!
if you need to print file export it as a adobe .pdf file - that will shrink it so you can print your mockup on a 8-1/2 by 11 page
Publisher 2000
Blank 23x23 blank 48 x 48 blank 18x24 Blank 36x36
  Blank 48x96 Blank 36x60  
Note we can print in either landscape or portrait so just flip the page to get either landscape or portrait mode
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