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 Custom Graphic Whiteboards

Whiteboards, PC Copyboards  and Presentation Products - Indoff is your one source for live experts, that know their Whiteboards.     
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These ceramic-steel (porcelain-steel) boards are screened from standard screens and then baked at 500 degrees F to fuse in the lines, lettering or Graphics.   

the advantage of these units is price (the screen is already made) and the longevity of the boards along with their built in magnetic capabilities.

Custom Screens are very expensive and we direct you back to our Sublimated Products

Simple Line type graphics on the ceramic steel are available form Claridge at affordable prices see Claridge

For Just Music Boards see Music

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see available graphics here =>Graphics

Polyvision 100 Series Porcelain over Steel Magnetic Alum. Framed Board with Tray- List pricing
Graphic Adder Size Total
$184 $164  4' x 4' $348
$276 $246  4' x 6' $522
$368 $328 4' x 8' $696
$460 $410    4' x 10' $870
Alliance P3 Magnetic Backed Maps  
Indoff specializes in whiteboards and presentation surface see Links below
We have pricing and programs for end-users, dealers. OEM's and contractors - Call us. 

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